For the leader of the 21st century firm, innovation is increasingly about how effectively they can assimilate the new models of work and apply these to transform how their operational models are managed. Agility and adaptiveness are today's differentiators of competitiveness, but the evidence suggests that in terms of management and application of innovation the UK trails the pack. 

For many, innovating the organisation and the management culture involves tackling fear of uncertainty. Today’s transformational leaders are those who grasp this uncertainty and nurture deep trust across their teams, empowering and enabling managers to radically innovate their ways of thinking and working.

Because innovation is a choice everyone makes on a daily basis; because team culture determines whether innovations live or die; and because those who helped create today’s ways of working often stand in the way of transforming it for tomorrow’s needs, nurturing a culture of innovativeness and setting a strategy for innovation are ‘wicked’ problems for leaders.

If you recognise yourself and your challenge here, and if you are ready to lead a truly innovative culture, including empowering your managers to trigger the profound, transformative changes your organisation needs, then talk with me. I can provide 1:1 mentoring, exec team coaching, plus horizon scanning, help with designing strategic innovation portfolios, plus support and troubleshooting for leaders pursuing culture change.

I have deep experience of nurturing innovator networks, of tackling innovation-inertia, of applying cutting-edge real-world research to transform support service models and of leading to embed change.

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